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Hospital: (620) 382-2177 Fax: (620) 382-9104
Living Center: (620) 382-3117 Home Care: (620) 382-3690
Medical Clinic: (620) 382-2033 Therapy: (620) 382-2863

Living Center Opportunities:

Assistant Director of Nursing - St. Luke Living Center is looking for a full time Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON). This position serves as an extension of long term care nursing management, working in conjunction with Allison W...more
CNA - Positions eligible for sign on bonus! St. Luke Living Center has the following openings in our long term care unit: * (2) 36 hours/week CNA; Evening shift, 2:00p - 10:30p * (1) 36 hours/week CN...more
Nurse - St. Luke Living Center has three (3) full-time RN or LPN positions available; 3 days/36 hours/week; hours are 5:00a - 5:30p and/or 5:00p - 5:30a. Apply online. Eligible for Benefits!!!...more

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