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Hospital: (620) 382-2177 Hospital Fax: (620) 382-9104
Living Center: (620) 382-3117 Home Care: (620) 382-3690
Medical Clinic: (620) 382-2033 Therapy: (620) 382-2863
Foundation: (620) 382-2177 Lab Fax: (620) 382-3806

Living Center Opportunities

Certified Nurse Aide - The Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) performs routine personal resident care activities for St. Luke Living Center residents to promote their comfort, maintain their functional ability and contribute to the...more
Long Term Care Nurse - St. Luke Living Center is a nursing facility licensed for 32 beds. The Living Center is a working environment that has a busy atmosphere with frequent interruptions. The department provides nursing an...more

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