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St. Luke and Hillsboro Hospitals: Offering More for Marion County, Together

St. Luke Hospital and Hillsboro Community Hospital are proud to announce a new collaboration to make healthcare even more accessible for those living in and around Marion County.

St. Luke and Hillsboro Hospitals have always shared one top priority: The health of their patients. Through this shared cooperation, they serve the community better and give patients more - more convenience, more access, more hometown providers and specialists. By creating more local connections, it is easier for patients to stay safe and healthy, allowing more time for the things that really matter to them.

"Because we are both committed to offering personalized services and the very best quality of care that is easily accessible in and around Marion County, it was a natural fit for us to work together to best serve our local community," said Mark Rooker, Chief Executive Officer of Hillsboro Community Hospital.

Jeremy Ensey, Chief Executive Officer of St. Luke Hospital, added: "When it comes to the health of those around us, we offer everything they need - right here at home, from the people and providers they've always known. For our patients, we are excited to work together for a healthier you."

Some of the key benefits of the St. Luke and Hillsboro collaboration:

Top 100 Critical Access Hospital and Top 20 for Best Practices in Quality (St. Luke)
Kansas Healthcare Collaborative, Patient Safety (Hillsboro)
Same-day appointments for family care for all ages
Consistent health services 5 days a week from 9 total primary care providers
Specialty clinic care - 19 total specialists
Urgent care services on weekends
Emergency services 24 hours a day
Hometown connections and established relationships with locally based providers

Learn more about St. Luke Hospital and Hillsboro Community Hospital HERE.

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Online healthcare is now a reality at St. Luke Hospital and Living Center. We are happy that we can help our region by providing interactive healthcare services.

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