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Hospital: (620) 382-2177 Fax: (620) 382-9104
Living Center: (620) 382-3117 Home Care: (620) 382-3690
Medical Clinic: (620) 382-2033 Therapy: (620) 382-2863

Picture of a young couple walking around in a park. There is a baby boy on the dad's shoulders and they are all happy and smiling.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values


Our family will take care of your family for a lifetime as we compassionately serve you beyond your expectations.


St. Luke will be the known leader and premier health care system in the region for progressive and sustainable services.



S: Stewardship - Utilize the materials entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness for the                                 common good
E: Excellence -      Exceed expectations by delivering the highest quality and best outcomes through                                 teamwork and innovation
R: Respect -          Treat all those we serve, including patients, families and colleagues with dignity                                 and respect
V: Value -              We hold you in high regard putting you and your rights first
I: Integrity -           We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by commitment                                  to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.
C: Compassion -   We nurture the spiritual and emotional well-being of one another and those we                                  serve
E: Enthusiasm -     We embrace a positive attitude to joyfully and eagerly serve you.

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