Marion County Home Care

Marion County Home Care is a department of St. Luke Hospital. It is the only home care agency in Marion County. The agency offers Home Health care in the clients' home.

Think Home Care if:

Client might benefit from a REGISTERED NURSE when/if:
• Teaching is needed for disease management
• Teaching/administration is needed for a PEG, Trach, IV medication
• Teaching is needed for medication regimen
• Complicated wound care is needed
• Monitoring and assessment of a disease process is needed
• Pediatric after care is required

Client might benefit from PHYSICAL THERAPY when/if he/she
• Has difficulty with bed mobility, transferring, walking?
• Has difficulty with strength, ROM, endurance, balance?
• Has joint or muscle pain
• Has decreased coordination
• Have sensory changes or numbness?

Client might benefit from OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY when/if      he/she
• Has difficulty bathing, dressing?
• Has difficulty with meal preparation, other ADL?
• Has joint pain/deformity in the upper extremity?
• Has decreased fine motor strength, coordination?
• Have recent visual changes?
• Appears unsafe because of cognitive difficulties?
• Needs adaptive equipment to assist them in the home?
• Have sensory changes or numbness?

Client might benefit from SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY when/if he/she
• Have problems with memory?
• Have problems with reading, writing?
• Has inability to follow directions?
• Has problems speaking?
• Have difficulties in swallowing?

If you have any questions, please let us know!
Phone: 620-382-3690
Fax: 620-382-9106

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