Employee of the Quarter

St. Luke Hospital & Living Center, Marion County Home Care and St. Luke Medical Clinic recognize and emphasize employee commitment to quality service in caring for patients, residents, clients, families, visitors, physicians and other employees. Therefore, the organization extends formal recognition to employees, on a quarterly basis for their commitment to excellence.

Outstanding Employee for St. Luke Hospital is Jennifer Frese!

"Jennifer's overall dedication and work performance is excellent. She is expert at immunizations and is quick and efficient with refills. She is trained in all the nursing jobs and does well covering for others when they are on vacation or ill. She has a profound impact here at our St. Luke Medical Clinic! Jennifer took on the responsibility of giving COVID vaccines for the clinic. She figured out what we needed and accepted the challenge. Jennifer likes learning and growing in her job. She is always ready to take on new tasks!"
Words by Co-Workers

"I enjoy learning new things and being able to help where ever is needed. I enjoy my co-workers and would not be the nurse I am today without them. When not at work, I enjoy being outside, spending time with my family and staying active!
Words by Jennifer

St. Luke would like to thank Jennifer for her commitment and dedication!