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Male Professional Counselor smiling
Male Professional Counselor smiling

Adam C. Heerey, LCPC

Let's Talk... Never Underestimate The Relief That Talking To Someone Brings

Adam is dedicated to providing clinical mental health services that address a variety of areas including:

• Depressive Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders
• Behavioral Concerns
• Low Self-Esteem
• Personal Growth and Development
• Grief and Loss
• Artist's/Writer's Block
• Trauma
• Gaming and Social Media Concerns
• Pain Management/Living with pain
• Spiritual and Religious Concerns
• And More...

All clinical counseling and therapy services are offered in a comfortable, confidential outpatient setting.

Make the difference in your life by scheduling an appointment with our Professional Counselor Adam C. Heerey, LCPC.

Office hours:

St. Luke Hospital Main Street Clinic
921 E. Main, Marion
Every Thursday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: 316-927-3010

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