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Hospital: (620) 382-2177 Hospital Fax: (620) 382-9104
Living Center: (620) 382-3117 Home Care: (620) 382-3690
Medical Clinic: (620) 382-2033 Therapy: (620) 382-2863
Foundation: (620) 382-2177 Lab Fax: (620) 382-3806

St. Luke Hospital Auxiliary

For more information about becoming a St. Luke Hospital Auxiliary volunteer, contact President Janet Herzet at (620) 382-7653.

St. Luke Auxiliary Shoppe

St. Luke Auxiliary volunteers operate the Shoppe in downtown Marion. The Shoppe has clothing for the entire family, toys, household items and a variety of gift items. The profits obtained from sales are contributed to St. Luke for the purchase of specialty items and fund special projects.


321 E. Main St.
Marion, KS 66861


12:00pm to 5:00pm

9:00am to 1:00pm

Drop Offs

Donations of clothing, toys, household goods, etc. are accepted Monday and Tuesday between 9:00 a.m. and 12 noon.

St. Luke Auxiliary Advisory Board

Janet Herzet, President
Peggy Blackman, Treasurer
Margaret Pickering, Secretary
Mary Ann Conyers
Walter Hein
Feebie Holdeman
Mary Griffith
Rose Vinduska

About the Auxiliary

St. Luke Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1973 by Dorothy Duvall. The auxiliary is a member of the Hospital Auxiliaries of Kansas. The auxiliary has grown in size and strength, averaging approximately 150 Volunteers. Equipment and many services have been contributed to the hospital through the dedicated efforts of Auxiliary volunteers. Financial contributions have been made possible through various fund raising activities and contributions through willing hands and caring hearts of the St. Luke Hospital Auxiliary members.

The purpose of St. Luke Hospital and Living Center Auxiliary is to promote the welfare of St. Luke Hospital and Living Center, Marion County Home Care, and St. Luke Medical Clinic. St. Luke Auxiliary has accomplished many activities in the community.

Recent purchases: assisted with funds for an ultrasound machine and purchased a Sim Man (a wireless simulator that resembles an average adult, used as a training tool).

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