Dr. Kristopher Carlson

Dr. Kristopher Carlson is in Marion on the first and third Wednesday of each month to offer urologic consultation and surgical procedures at St. Luke Hospital.

He offers all types of urologic procedures and evaluations for a variety of health conditions including management and treatment of:
-Urologic stone disease
-Kidney and ureteral stones
-Bladder stones
-Pediatric Urology
-Circumcision and circumcision problems
-Undescended testicles evaluation and repairs
-Pediatric voiding disorders
-Renal abnormalities
-Vesicoureteral reflux
-Male infertility evaluation and management
-Vasectomy reversal
-Incontinence and Voiding dysfunction
-Male and Female incontinence and urinary disorders

-Urologic Cancers
-Prostate Cancer
-Bladder Cancer
-Kidney Cancer
-Benign prostate disease
-Prostate enlargement
-Inflammatory conditions
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Medical management including oral and injectable therapies
-Advanced surgical options including prosthesis placement
-Adult Penile disorders
-Surgical and non-surgical treatment of a variety of conditions
-Urethral stricture disease
-Peyronies disease

Dr. Carlson received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City. He completed his internship in General and Trauma Surgery as well as his residency in Urologic Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. He has practiced Adult and Pediatric Urology in Northeast Kansas for the last 5 years and previously practiced in Minnesota.