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Picture of a hospital room with a swing bed
Picture of a hospital room with a swing bed

Swing Bed

Giving You More Time To Get Back On Your Feet

St. Luke Hospital offers a Swing Bed Program that allows you or your loved ones extra skilled care before they go home.

We want to make sure that you are well enough to go home safely after you have been discharged from an inpatient hospitalization.

You can benefit from the Swing Bed Program if you've had any of the following health conditions:

Orthopedic injuries, including joint repair or replacement
Major surgeries
Chronic health conditions
Respiratory illnesses

Our nurses, therapists, physicians and personnel provide services based on your individual needs as you recover. That way you can focus on recovering at your own speed in a safe, structured environment. The services you may need while in our Swing Bed Program are:

Nursing care
Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
Respiratory therapy
Wound care
IV therapy
Medication management
Post joint replacement care

How Do I Know If I Qualify For Swing Bed?

Swing bed patients usually have Medicare and Medicaid, but many other insurance plans pay for the Swing Bed Program. There are standards established by Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies in order to qualify for the Swing Bed Program.

For Medicare and/or Medicaid Enrollees:

Three (3) consecutive day stay in an acute care hospital within the last 30 days, excluding     Observation stays.
Have skilled needs that are related to the condition which was treated or arose during the     qualifying stay.
Physician and staff documentation to support the skilled needs.
Medicare beneficiaries are responsible for the co-insurance amount for the 21st through 100th     day of a skilled nursing service.

Our Insurance Specialist is available to determine your individual insurance benefits to see if you qualify for the Swing Bed Program.

For more details on requirements and eligibility, contact Kathy McMillen at 620-382-2177.

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