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General Surgery

Don't Settle For Driving 45 to 60 Miles... You'll Find A Wide Variety Of Surgical Procedures Performed Close To Home

St. Luke Hospital offers a service that may surprise you.

You, and your loved ones, can find a broad range of common general surgeries performed right here close to your home.

No more wasting your day traveling 45 to 60 miles one way for a common general surgery.

You can have that surgery performed at St. Luke Hospital just minutes away from the comfort of your home.

Some examples of general surgeries include:

Colon and rectal surgery
Gastroenterology procedures
Gallbladder removal
Hernia repair
Varicose vein removal
Removing small skin lesions and cysts

General surgeon, Dr. Marc Duverseau, is at St. Luke Hospital every Thursday.

Needing Surgery?

Talk to your primary care physician about scheduling with Dr. Marc Duverseau.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to see him in Marion, please contact NMC Surgical Specialists at 316-283-0027

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