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Medical Clinic: (620) 382-2033 Therapy: (620) 382-2863

Patient Portal


Please make sure you select the proper facility when making a payment. If your statement is from St. Luke Hospital, follow the directions under "St. Luke Hospital Payments". If your statement is from St. Luke Medical Clinic, follow the direction under "St. Luke Medical Clinic Payments.

St. Luke Hospital Payments

We have recently updated our credit card system.

The new Patient Portal will allow patients to be integrated with their health information.

The portal provides detailed descriptions of visits, current diagnoses and test results, and will let you know the balances of any accounts.

Our new, secure system will allow your payment to be promptly credited to your account.
We will be asking for an email address to send you a personal link to gain access.

For assistance logging into the Patient Portal, please contact the Business Office at 620-382-2177.

St. Luke Medical Clinic Payments

Be advised, there is a separate system for online payments for services received at St. Luke Medical Clinic.

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