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Amy Avant, APRN-BCPicture of:

Amy Avant, APRN-BC


Live Happier With Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails

Feel refreshed and radiant...

... see why Heartland Dermatology is proud to offer you some of the best dermatologic treatments in the state.

With 12 locations across Kansas, St. Luke Hospital is bringing a premier skin health professional to you.

Amy Avant, APRN-BC is ready to see you and help you with your skin care goals.

From eczema... to sun spots... to wrinkles...

The latest technology is available to treat the most common to the most challenging conditions affecting your skin.

Never again be afraid to show your skin.

Other conditions we treat:

Scalp & Hair
Skin Allergies
Skin Growths

Amy Avant is at St. Luke Hospital on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Book an appointment now by calling 316-612-1833.

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