The Public Has Spoken...

February 2019 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Misty Hett, Dr. Baxa, Angie McCarty, Karen Larsen x3, Dr. Whitely x4, Traci Waner, Stacey Pedersen, Tracy Grafton, Dr. Baxa, Sally Andrews, Dwight Johnson x2, Brenda Rhodes x2, Lori Smith, Jerry Ewing, Keri Helmer, Robyn Miller, Dr. Brown, Lisa Hurst, Sheryl Simmonds, Becky Hulett

1) "Everyone I came in contact with was exceptional - X Ray, Lab, and Dr.'s office." 2) "I have never been more satisfied with the clinic. I feel like I'm right at home every time I walk through the doors. God bless you all!" 3) "All were terrific. Thank You!"

"Every time I have been to the ER, I have been extremely satisfied with the good attitude and professionalism." 2) "Keep the happy smiles and making the patient comfortable." 3) "You're an amazing hospital that cares about your patients."

"Dr. Baxa and CT tech stayed till after 5pm to get my test results to me. Thank You! I live 30 miles out of town, so very appreciative." 2) "Lori is super sweet."

1) "The man performing my CAT scan was very helpful and explained everything well, so I was not as anxious."

1) "Keep up the good work." 2) "All were courteous, caring, and considerate. Everybody gets a gold star. Bruce said "Howdy".

1) "I asked my ortho if I could do my rehab at St. Luke. The ortho was great with that and praised St. Luke rehab. 2) "Sheryl is the best!!"