The Public Has Spoken...

May 2019 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Tracy Grafton, Gale Walker, Angie McCarty, Jaynette Miller, Alysha Haines, Jennifer Frese, Hannah Branson, Brenda Rhodes, Jerry Ewing, Keri Helmer, Kathy McMillen, Bruce Skiles, Matthew Vermillion x3, Alex Brooks x2, Shawna Winter x4, Tonya Coon, Sheryl Simmonds x3, Becky Hulett x2

1) "Alysha and Jaynette always make me feel very comfortable with private matters. " 2) "I love all the staff. Very friendly and helpful. 3) "Alysha Haines is always so caring and willing to spend time to answer questions. Very thorough with care." 4) "Jennifer F gave an outstanding injection. Usually, very anxious, never felt it. Keep up the awesome work St. Luke Medical Clinic.

"Every time I have been to the ER, I have been extremely satisfied with the good attitude and professionalism." 2) "Keep the happy smiles and making the patient comfortable." 3) "You're an amazing hospital that cares about your patients."

1) "Hannah Branson, lab staff, earlier in March when my granddaughter was a patient at St Luke Hospital took blood from her. My granddaughter is 2yrs old. Hannah did exceptional with her, having concern for her comfort, explaining procedure to a 2yr old. Hannah did Great!!! Hannah's skill in taking her blood was good. I feel Hannah made this scary experience for my granddaughter not so scary. Thank You Hannah! 2) "The lady who drew my blood was excellent, but I don't know her name."

1) "He did a great job and made me very comfortable." 2) "Keri in radiology explains what she wants the patient to do. She also inserts needles so there is no bleeding." 3) "The radiology tech that performed my cat scan was very professional. Good care every time I come in for any procedures."

1) "I had cataract surgery. They were all the best. It's hard to improve on the best."

1) "Matt has done great with my PT." 2) "Great Care!!!" 3) "Shawna is awesome. Always explained everything in easy to understand ways." 4) "Just keep doing what you are doing!" 5) "Sheryl and Becky were especially helpful." 6) "Matt is excellent." 7) "Alex and Shawna are both very good. It's great."