The Public Has Spoken...

August 2019 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Dr. Baxa x4, Sally Andrews, Tracy Grafton, Alysha Haines x3, Angie McCarty x2, Gale Walker, Brenda Rhodes x2, Paige May, Keri Helmer x2, Camille Barney, Robyn Miller x2, Jerry Ewing x3, Sheryl Simmonds, Shawna Winter x2, Alex Brooks, Dr. Brown x3, Bruce Skiles x2, Dr. Fetch, Melissa Combs, Lisa Hurst

1) "They all are very helpful." 2) "Dr. Baxa takes all the time I need to explain things." 3) "Tracy is great! Tracy is very attentive and direct about your care. 4) "Everyone was very friendly and helpful." 5) "Very impressed with Alysha Haines." 6) "They were all great." 7) "Everybody does a wonderful job. 8) "They are all special." 9) "Everybody was great." 10) "Dr. Baxa is amazing-the way she really listens to you." 11) "Alysha is very caring and concerned. Angie and Gale are always very nice and professional.

1) "Exceptional care by ER staff!!"

1) "Paige is simply the best!! Your lab staff is all top-notch. They are compassionate and highly skilled. They are a rare and wonderful bunch. Celebrate the awesome Lab Staff! My daughter came as a frightened 7 - year old patient. Paige and Brenda turned the experience into a positive one! Wow!" 2) "They have all been professional and caring every time. I have said this before, and it is still true. I have never had a bad experience at St. Luke in the past 20+ years I have been a patient!!" 3) "All the lab girls are good!"

1) "Everyone was very courteous and kind." 2) "All were very helpful for ultrasound test." 3) "Camille and Robyn went above and beyond! Keep up the "patient first" mentality! 2 years of testing with no answers at other places - 2 weeks at St. Luke." 4) "Everyone was courteous and professional." 5) "Robyn is always awesome. She is always caring and professional." 6) "Jerry Ewing does an awesome job!" 7) "Jerry did a great job explaining everything before and during the scans." 8) " Keri did both of my x-rays. She is truly an asset to the hospital. She has done mine in the past and she is so very special."

1)"It's a welcoming, friendly environment for health care." 2) "Keep doing what you're doing." 3) "Everything was great." 4) "Keep up the good work." 5) "Dr. Brown is very caring and has great bedside manner. Sharon James is awesome as well as the staff working with her. 6) "Terrific Experience."

1) "They are all very professional."