The Public Has Spoken...

August 2018 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Donna Diener, Dr. Hodson, Sharon James, Cindy Griffitts x2, Lori Smith, Diane Carpenter, Dwight Johnson, Paige May, Frank Breugem x3, Dr. Fetsch, Keri Helmer, Jerry Ewing, Robyn Miller, Matt Vermillion x2, Tonya Coon x2, Sheryl Simmonds x2, Shawna Winter, Christine Peterson, Alex Brooks x2, Nicole Sampson, Becky Hulett

1) "Every person I interacted with was exceptional." 2) "Dr. Baxa listens and answers questions. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and does a great job."

1) "I am a frequent flyer in the ER because I get migraines that are severe. The last time I was seen by Dr. Hodson, he gave me 4 shots that really worked well. Months ago, I spent 2 days in another hospital before the migraine broke. Dr. Hodson's remedy worked a lot faster."

1) "Keep up the good work!"

1) "Every staff member at St. Luke has always been very professional, kind and caring to me. Thank You!!!" 2) "So lucky to have local and prompt service and results given in such a timely manner." 3) "Keep doing what you're doing. Very personalized care." 4) "Kerri makes me feel comfortable every time!"

1) "Great Staff!! Thank you dedicated professionals." 2) "The dream team!"

1) "Really appreciate Matt's energy, knowledge, etc." 2) "Very pleased with your PT department."