The Public Has Spoken...

January 2018 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Karen Larsen x4, Stacey Pedersen x2, Dr. Whitely, Alex Brooks, Nicole Sampson, Theresa Ross, Dr. Hodson, Jaynette Miller, Julie Janzen, Angie McCarty, Tracy Grafton x2, Alysha Haines, Donna Diener, Dr. Baxa, Julie Janzen, Jaynette Miller, Lori Smith x2, Becky Hulett x3, Nicole Sampson x2, Celeste Gawanda, , Shawna Winter x2, Alex Brooks, Sheryl Simmonds

1)"I think everyone deserves a special praise." 2)"Julie is always friendly." 3)"Angie is delightful."

1) "Thankful for the hospital." 2)"Your hospital always gives excellent care. Thank You." 3)"Theresa Ross recognized me. Came in and talked about breathing exercises which helped. She makes me laugh, and I know that's what helped my B.P go down. Got my anxious mind off the circumstances. Thank you, Theresa! 4)"Your nurses are wonderful and I couldn't have had better care from all your staff. 5)" Jaynette was awesome. I was only in the ER about 3-4 hours and was treated well."

1)"The care was excellent." 2)"The walk-in clinic is great." 3)"All the staff are great in my opinion."

1"Nurses are all excellent. Complete confidence in Dr. Fetsch. I would not hesitate to go to him for any surgery he is qualified to do." 2)"All the nurses were great and the doctor, anesthesiologist."

1)"Nicole and Celeste are very good and thorough with explanations and implementation. They put me at ease and answered all my questions." 2)" The best therapy ever." 3)"St. Luke therapy is the BEST! I like to say I got physical therapy and emotional therapy!