The Public Has Spoken...

March 2018 Edition

Staff who deserve special praise:
Tracy Grafton x3, Jennifer Frese, Sally Andrews, Angie McCarty x2, Tammy Snelling, Donna Hamm, Dr. Baxa x2, Cindy Griffitts, Terri Goff, Lori Smith, Dwight Johnson x4, Diane Carpenter, Brenda Rhodes, Jerry Ewing x2, Keri Helmer, Shawna Winter x3, Sheryl Sommonds, Becky Hulett, Alex Brooks x2, Nicole Sampson x2, Tonya Coon x2, Matthew Vermillion

1)"Tracy was Awesome! Jennifer was very patient and kind toward my daughter who was in for a shot. She calmed her down." 2)"They are all very kind and professional." 3)"All are very friendly and helpful."

1)" I appreciate all the staff and care they gave me. Had to find out what was causing pain before prescribing medication. I appreciate the concern."

1)"All the gals in the lab are great. I am a very frequent user of the lab." 2)"Dwight! He's an awesome lab tech and deserves a raise!" 3)"Lab gals are all great and kind."

1)"I think you are doing O.K." 2)"Upon completion of my Dexa Scan, Jerry Ewing asked if I would like to wait for my copy of the results. He said it would be about 10 min. I said I would wait and since I was very close to the living center, I said I would visit my friend there and come back for the paper. He asked who my friend was and said he would just bring it to me. He did that in a little while and then asked where my car was parked. I told him in front of the clinic. He then said if I would give him the keys, he would bring it around to the Living Center parking. I have a bad back and am in pain when not sitting or lying down so this was so much appreciated. This act of kindness was far above the line of duty. Thank You Again J.R. We are so blessed to have the St. Luke Hospital Facility in our community."

1)"Nicole is amazing. So many gains for our daughter!" 2)"Nicole and Tonya are wonderful and fun." 3)" Shawna always went the extra mile even if it meant using her personal time."