The Public Has Spoken...

July 2017 Edition

1) "Everyone has shown professional courtesy as well as compassion, concern and care for me as a patient and individual." 2) "Julie is very sweet. Tracy is awesome. She took the time to try to get me feeling better." 3) "Julie did nice work." 4) "They all did a great job this time and in prior visits." 5) "Doing Great!" 6) "Nurse Julie and the receptionists are very nice and helpful."

1) "All the staff I know of are great. I have no complaints." 2) " I don't see how they can improve." 3) "We are very fortunate and thankful that Marion has such a wonderful hospital facility!" 4) "Libby was outstanding!!"
5) "Keep doing what you're doing

1) "Lori is awesome!!!" 2) "It was a pleasant experience." 3) "We are fortunate to have such good services available in our small community." 4) (Lori Smith) "She is professional, kind, caring and great at what she does." 5) " All the staff are very capable and helpful." 6) "You all do a very professional job. The lady who took my blood made it painless. So thankful we have a hospital. I'm glad you are growing in specialized care areas."
7) "I appreciate the whole facility."

1) "They were more than satisfactory."

1) "I was very satisfied with the therapy I received. Thank You." 2) "Care is good."