Employee of the Quarter

St. Luke Hospital & Living Center, Marion County Home Care and St. Luke Medical Clinic recognize and emphasize employee commitment to quality service in caring for patients, residents, clients, families, visitors, physicians and other employees. Therefore, the organization extends formal recognition to employees, on a quarterly basis for their commitment to excellence.

Outstanding Employee for St. Luke Hospital is Donna Hamm!

"I have known Donna for 6 short years, but I am lucky to have her as my trusty sidekick. I could not do my job without her. You can always count on her being here. She is willing to help wherever she is needed. She puts others first. She works very hard to get her work done and never wants to be an inconvenience on anyone else."

"So many things to say, I have worked with Donna for many years and many changes with St. Luke. When I describe the place that I work to people, I tell them it is like working with family. Donna is a definite part of my family. Since day one, Donna always has a smile. I know I can always count on her whenever needed, with scheduling, questions with insurance or needing prior authorization for a patient to have a procedure scheduled or seeing a specialist. She gets me the answer or directs me the way I need to approach it. She has done a wonderful job during these uncertain times with COVID, with patients having a lot of fear coming into the clinic. I hear her tell the patients the many options we are offering regarding appointments due to fear of coming into the clinic - through Telehealth or Curbside appointments. She is able to put some of the fears to rest. Donna is not just a co-worker or friend; she is my family. I feel very honored to work with her daily".
Words by Co-workers

"My job at St. Luke Medical Clinic includes medical records, answering the phone, making appointments and coding. I feel appreciated at St. Luke and work with many people that are very kind and work hard. In my spare time, I like to swim in my above ground pool, read, and have family and friends over to visit. I am just very grateful to work in a place that shows their appreciation in so many ways".

Words by Donna

St. Luke would like to thank Donna Hamm for her commitment and dedication!