Employee of the Quarter


St. Luke Hospital & Living Center, Marion County Home Care and St. Luke Medical Clinic recognize and emphasize employee commitment to quality service in caring for patients, residents, clients, families, visitors, physicians and other employees. Therefore, the organization extends formal recognition to employees, on a quarterly basis for their commitment to excellence.

Outstanding Employee for the Quarter is Angie McCarty!

"I nominate Angie McCarty because she is such a kind and compassionate person. Patients love Angie; her name is mentioned several times on our Patient Satisfaction Surveys for recognition. She is friendly and an all-around good person. Angie has good work ethics and is a dependable and reliable employee."

"I would like to nominate Angie McCarty for employee of the quarter. She has been here many years; is very polite and respectful of other people's needs. Always has a smile for people around her. She is very helpful, especially when it comes to helping her co-workers. I enjoy being able to work with Angie."

- Words from Co-workers

Working at St. Luke is like working with family. All my co-workers are caring, kind, and like my second family. I also enjoy our many patients. I love talking to them and they are also people I look forward to seeing daily and they brighten my day. In my spare time, I love to garden and plant flowers. I like to read and go for walks. I enjoy riding my bike. I love spending time with my kids and family. I especially have been enjoying time with my two grandbabies; they are the light of my life!

- Words by Angie McCarty

St. Luke would like to thank Angie for her commitment and dedication!