Employee of the Quarter

St. Luke Hospital & Living Center, Marion County Home Care and St. Luke Medical Clinic recognize and emphasize employee commitment to quality service in caring for patients, residents, clients, families, visitors, physicians and other employees. Therefore, the organization extends formal recognition to employees, on a quarterly basis for their commitment to excellence.

Outstanding Employee for St. Luke Hospital is Judy Carroll!

"Judy is dedicated to her job and responsibilities. She shows an overwhelming compassion for her clients and fellow employees. Judy goes out of her way to please and is always willing to do what is asked of her."
"I have worked alongside of her! Judy has always been kind, considerate and taught me a lot. She trained me in Home Health and always there to help, listen and do what is needed to be done. Judy had been thrown many changes with Home Health and has kept a positive attitude. As she nears retirement, we are selfish to let her go but it's time for her to have "her time".
"Judy has been a driving force for MCHC. Her dedication and work ethic along with her willingness to take on new tasks and try new services has helped MCHC expand and grow. In the midst of turmoil, Judy's steady, soft voice calms us all. Thank you, Judy! We love you!!"
"She has been so devoted and faithful to the Home Care Agency and to our clients over the years. Always giving her Best - every day. A great example, responsible, reliable, a "Team" player. Love her quiet but caring heart. Judy is appreciated. We are thankful for her!" Words by Co-workers

I love helping people in their homes, so they CAN stay home. I enjoyed working with the Home Care Team. Our team is "sisters" and very much "family". I like to travel and hope to be able to visit with my family after retiring this month. Words by Judy

St. Luke would like to thank Judy Carroll for her commitment and dedication!